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Hi my name is Chance. im a 19 years old. I'm in the process of writing a book on philosophy. im a Buddhist. i love tattoos (not to sound too cliche). i love kaylee!



Rolling papers from the 1970’s.



1947 Cheval Blanc ($135,125)

The 1947 Cheval Blanc has been unofficially crowned as the greatest wine of the last 100 years. While it’s not quite the most expensive wine ever made, it is regarded as possibly the best tasting Bordeaux. The good taste is ironic considering that 1947 was…


Exploring the World One Haircut at a Time with @juuuuuuuun

For more photos and videos from Jun Kuwabara’s journey across the world, follow @juuuuuuuun on Instagram.

Taking only a backpack, his guitar and his hairdressing tools, Jun Kuwabara (@juuuuuuuun) of Yamanashi, Japan set out on an around-the-world trip this April. “I wanted to engage in something significant while I traveled,” says Jun, “and the only thing I can do is cut hair—so I thought I’d work on an idea of cutting hair for 1,000 people.”

Jun is now traveling through Southeast Asia, volunteering to cut hair for locals, orphans, fellow travelers and Japanese expats who find him through his blog or Instagram account. “I start out by asking around for places where I can perform hair cuts or places where people gather,” he says. The places Jun ends up can be in the most unusual locations for haircuts, such as sidewalks, parks, storefronts and even beaches. “I sometimes put up a sign for people to notice, but once I start cutting for one person, onlookers will usually ask for a haircut, too,” Jun explains. While communication is not easy in these foreign countries, Jun says that for the most part, his customers are happy with their new look.

Although there is no concrete travel plan in his trip, Jun hopes to visit India, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and South America in the coming months.


shooting beneath the waves. photos by: ben thouard (1,5); john barton (2,6); george karbus (3,10); sean davey (4,8); ted grambeau (9); and zak noyle (7). (more surf posts)